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Men's CoreTone Cream

Men's CoreTone Cream

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Synephrine is commonly utilized in weight loss products due to its potential to enhance metabolic rate, suppress appetite, and facilitate fat burning processes. Its mechanism of action involves the stimulation of lipolysis, the release of stored fat from adipose tissue, and the promotion of thermogenesis, which leads to increased energy expenditure.


Phytosonic is a natural plant-derived ingredient used in body contouring treatments. It targets fat cells by utilizing ultrasonic cavitation to disrupt their structure, leading to fat breakdown and elimination. It is commonly found in topical formulations and non-invasive aesthetic procedures to improve cellulite appearance and enhance skin firmness.


How to Use:
1. Apply 2 to 3 drops of oil on the area where you want to change.
2. Massage gently into a circular motion until it is fully absorbed.
3. Use twice daily morning and before bedtime for best results.

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