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Beau Brummell for Men

Marble Shaving Bowl (Black & White)

Marble Shaving Bowl (Black & White)

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Elevate your shaving experience with our White Marble Shaving Bowl. Featuring thick stone walls that will heat up when placed in hot water and transfer heat to your shave lather. A textured interior agitates shaving cream to create the richest lather possible.


Our White Marble Shaving Bowl creates an unbeatable shaving cream lather using grooves bored out into the surface of the shaving bowl. Producing a rich lather has never been easier. Made of luxurious white marble, this shaving bowl has a unique and elevated look and feel. Why marble? Marble absorbs heat much faster than other materials. Run this bowl under hot water and you'll be creating a hot lather right in the comfort of your own home. A perfect addition whether you're new to wet shaving, or if you're looking to whip up a better lather.

Shaving is a ritual for most guys, and whether you shave daily, or just a couple of times per month, you just can't top the feeling of a close, com fortable shave. Crafted of white marble, this shaving bowl is as much about the look as it is about utility. Expertly machined with precision, horizontal grooves carved out on the surface of the bowl were left exposed, providing an industrial effect that will really stand out on your vanity. Those grooves will act as an agitator when the bristles of your shaving brush spread your shaving cream throughout. The result is a richer lather in less time.


Always rinse out your shaving bowl prior to first use.

Submerge the Marble Shaving Bowl in hot water for 1-2 minutes to allow the marble to absorb as much heat as possible. Pour out hot water and squeeze a quarter size amount of Shaving Cream into the bowl. Moisten Shaving Brush with warm water, shake off the excess and create a lather using circular motions directly in the bowl. Add warm water as needed to reach desired lather.

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