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Higher Torque Electric Jar Opener; can opener; Fit Almost Jars Size; Strong Tough Automatic jar Opener for Weak Hands; Hands Free Battery Operated Bottle Opener for Arthritic Hands

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EASY TO USE - Has no complicated steps and just needs easy steps. Press the button and waiting for 360°automatic rotation to open jars then auto shut off. KiTCHENMUH; YOUR OPENING EXPERT!
EFFORTLESS & HANDS FREE - Designed for everyone who has trouble opening jars. KiTCHENMUH automatic jar openers as handicapped accessories are suitable for those who have hand problems; such as fibromyalgia; hand pain; weak hands; arthritis hands; carpal tunnel problems; strengthless in hands; or hand surgery recently.
HIGH TORQUE POWER - Unlike other traditional jar openers; this upgraded powerful electric bottle opener could fast remove jar lids with high efficiency. Easily solve the problem of opening cans. Importantly; our electric jar opener are applicable to new sealed jar lids.
GIFT FOR ELDERLY PARENTS - Kitchen gadgets for seniors. This one-handed jar opener is designed for seniors with hand problems. KiTCHENMUH electric jar opener as the kitchen gadget is the perfect elderly gift for parents.
FITS ALMOST SIZES - With adjustable jaws make electric jar openers open almost the jar caps easily. Opening size rang of electric jar opener: diameter 1.2"-3.5" and jar body opening size rang: diameter 1"-3.5". Because of the compact-size body designs; KiTCHENMUH jar openers are small enough for storage in your kitchen drawer.
TIPS 1 - Please do not use plastic jars; irregular jars; and conical jars.
TIPS 2 - The electric jar opener will auto shut off after resetting jaws and need some time; you don't have to worry about it.
TIPS 3 - Please wipe the jar body before opening especially taken out from the refrigerator.

Hands-free technology-grips; twists and openers. 1. Effortless; just press the button. 2. No twisting; no pulling; no pain. 3. Powerful enough for new; factory-sealed jars. 4. Opens lids from 30 mm to 88 mm. 5. Small enough for your kitchen drawer. 6. No bottle or jar too tall. Step1 - with the bottle on a flat surface. Step2 - place the jar opener on top of the bottle; and then press the button to make the inner jaws and outer jaws to catch the cover and bottle body. Step3 - when the rotating has completed; press the button immediately to release bottle body. Step4 - make sure that the cover has been separate with the bottle body. Then; lift the jar opener off the bottle trouble shooting.