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Facial Vitamin C Serum

Facial Vitamin C Serum

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Vitamin C Serum: Your New Best Friend for Younger-Looking Skin

  • Hydrating: Vitamin C has hydrating properties. It reduces trans epidermal water loss, which allows the skin to retain moisture.
  • Glowing skin: It dulls down the darkness on your skin and smoothest the skin surface making the skin look glowing and smooth.
  • Anti-aging: Vitamin C stimulates collagen production which makes the skin soft and young looking.
  • Reduce redness: It works like wonders for people with rosacea. It reduces the visible redness and clears the complexion.
  • Soothes sunburn: We do not recommend ditching SPF for vitamin C, but the vitamin can help in soothing sunburns and sun-damaged skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Reduces dark spots: Hyperpigmentation and dark spots can be treated by using vitamin C. It makes the skin tone even and clears the skin deeply.
  • Promotes collagen production: lowered collagen production can increase fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Vitamin C promotes collagen production which results in younger and softer skin.
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