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O'o Hawaii

Birdsong Eye Remedy

Birdsong Eye Remedy

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Like the sweet song of the O’o bird, birdsong EYE REMEDY will make you sing a tune of joy when you see the quick results of this antioxidant rich, miracle eye corrector infused with O’o Hawaii’s exclusive triple boosting complex and Hawaiian antioxidant blend. Highly effective ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, sea buckthorn (vitamin C) and hydrolyzed lupine protein (peptides) boost each other’s performance to immediate correct fine lines. Fermented radish root + lactobacillus boost the antioxidants and Hawaiian coffee berry provides the world’s highest source of polyphenols.  Hawaiian noni gives an incredible amount of fatty acids and the additional healing infusion of rose quartz crystals instantly increases circulation to help move lymphatic fluids, sending this ultra concentrated eye cream to ahhhmazing status.

*Reduces puffiness

*Reduces fine lines

*Increases natural radiance

*Boosts cellular energy

*Highly absorbable

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