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Beauty Bank Portable Charger

Beauty Bank Portable Charger

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The Beauty Bank portable phone charger is the perfect purse essential! It combines two of our favorite things — beauty and power! It not only keeps you charged, but is perfect for that midday touch-up. Every girl knows that our makeup needs touch-ups and our phones definitely don't stay charged throughout the whole day, the beauty bank ensures that the girl on the go is 100% prepared!

The Beauty Bank is an illuminating compact mirror that serves as a portable charger for your phone. It's equipped with two mirrors and an LED vanity light for all of your makeup touch ups throughout the day. After fully charging your beauty bank, drop it in your bag and use it to charge your phone up to two times after that!

The Beauty Bank is a must-have for recent college grads and bridesmaids or a thoughtful gift for any occasion!

Beauty Bank Portable Phone Charger Features:

• 2 mirrors (1x normal & 3x magnified)
• Handy LED vanity light for nighttime use
• Illuminated battery level indicator
• Luxurious velvety finish
• 3000 mAH lithium polymer battery
• USB Input/Output: 5VDC, 1A
• Includes micro USB cable to charge the power bank. Does not include Apple or Android charging cables
• Compatible with Apple and Android charging cables

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