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ConairMAN Cordless Lithium Ion Powered All-in-One Face and Body Trimmer for Men Rechargeable GMT24

ConairMAN Cordless Lithium Ion Powered All-in-One Face and Body Trimmer for Men Rechargeable GMT24

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Brand:Conair MAN


A man's face is his statement. Sometimes bold, sometimes subdued, always individual. Stay impeccably groomed with the power and precision of the versatile, cordless All-in-1 face and body trimmer. Equipped with 5 trimming tools, This "must have" For every part of your body does it all. Shave Your face for a completely clean look or maintain that rugged stubble. Trim nose and ear hair. Shape and Tweak your 'stache, beard, brow, and 'burns. Remove unwanted body hair. From the finest facial hair to thick patches on your chest and back, you can groom the whole you with expert ease. Lithium ion powered and fully rechargeable, with a USB adapter and USB cable, this durable, handheld grooming essential keeps you perfectly groomed on the go. Safe for use wet or dry, with no cord to hold you back, every trim and touch-up is fast and flawless. Take control with the All-in-1 trimming tool that makes it easy to be the well-groomed man who always looks his best. ConairMAN. Respect the ritual.
Men's all-in-1 lithium-ion rechargeable face Body trimmer: a man's face is his statement. The ConairMAN lithium-ion powered all-in-1 face Body rechargeable trimmer has everything you need for clean, precise grooming head to toe
Portable Powerful Wet/dry: this rechargeable trimmer includes 2 full-size attachments designed for body grooming, ear/nose trimmer, trimming blade, 3 jawline combs, 5-position adjustable comb, adapter, USB cable. Wet/dry - Use in or out of shower
Respect the ritual: don't crack under the pressure to look good. ConairMAN has beard trimmers, home barbering kits, electric shavers more for precision cuts trims so you can get your look right
Innovative grooming tools: from hair Beard clippers to trimmers, shavers, epilators home haircut kits-Conair makes high-quality grooming tools for men Women.
Personal Care from Conair: our personal Care line includes high-quality skincare tools, lighted mirrors, haircut kits, beard mustache trimmers Ear/nose trimmers, ladies' shavers Oral care. Conair makes every personal Care tool for your daily routine

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